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Dutch Acupuncture Academy

Dutch Acupuncture Academy

DAA based on the Netherlands is powered by  European Academy of Traditional Medical Science (EATMS) which has leading elite education on acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine domestically and internationally. 

You do not miss schools to study acupuncture in the Netherlands, what you missed is a good school like DAA. 

All of our leading professors have over 30 years of education and clinical experience in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. You can hardly find a comparable educational institute in Europe.   

By offering well-designed education programs on acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tuina and Medical Qigong, DAA and EATMS give you the tools to gain an advantage through specialised personal training. Education quality is our priority amongst other peers. We aim to educate specialists to take care people and also their own health.


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